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Gretchen grant
Gretchen Grant

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Gretchen is a general manager of online and mobile businesses in the lifestyle arena. With an equal amount of experience in large companies and entrepreneurial ventures, she combines corporate-grade strategic skills with expertise in moving quickly to build businesses. Currently, Ms. Grant is General Manager, BobVila.com, LLC. She leads sales, marketing, technology, edit, finance, and P&L management for this website of Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement. A completely renovated BobVila.com launched in December 2010, making full episodes of video available online and on mobile for the first time.

Earlier, as General Manager, Women’s Lifestyle & Parenthood Group, Meredith Interactive, Ms. Grant was the sole business person focused on Parents.com, FitnessMagazine.com, LadiesHomeJournal.com, and More.com. She spearheaded video for FitnessMagazine.com; coordinated the redesign of Parents.com with edit, marketing, tech, and design, and led the creation of Meredith’s first mobile websites. She facilitated $1 Million+ deals with major advertisers through leveraging mobile and social media. Traffic for the Group grew 20% over two years to 4.3 Million unique visitors per month.

Prior to joining Meredith, Ms. Grant founded Grant Media Inc., a business development consulting practice. At Grant Media, she created the mobile business for LIME and managed its P&L. She developed business cases, financial models, and strategic plans for over 55 clients in the Web, mobile, and television that went on to raise approximately $65 million in early-stage financing.

In parallel with Grant Media, she co-founded Canopy Enterprises, a production company for lifestyle personalities. Canopy created the “Real Dirt” gardening concept with Ken Druse, natural gardening’s premiere expert and host of “Real Dirt” on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Ms. Grant started her career in media at Viacom, where she served as VP, Business Development, Nickelodeon Movies and VP, Financial Planning & Analysis, Viacom, Inc. Ms. Grant earned her M.B.A. at Harvard Business School. At Harvard, she ranked as one of the Top 10 women in her class. She graduated with honors from Yale University with a B.A. in Economics. When not managing media, Ms. Grant enjoys consuming it, and is an avid theater, dance, and photography fan.